Software Development Engineer I

Bengaluru, Karnataka
Work Type: Full Time

Building a product is hard. Building exceptional products is exceptionally hard. Building exceptional products requires craftsmanship, commitment and significant amount of thinking

We are a stealth mode start-up that is re-imagining how computing is consumed, and building next generation technologies and platforms that will result in creation of new applications and services that are globally scalable and will offer new experiences.

We are not just another tech start-up looking for a niche in the market, but rather, we hope to create technologies that will give rise to new markets in the coming years. We are building the future and it’s a big responsibility that we’d like to share with awesome people who always want to outdo themselves each day.

What you must know about working with us

  • Working with Semut will not be a regular job. This will be hard and demanding.

  • If you have the ability to create magic, we have both the opportunity and the bandwidth to offer you opportunity to make full use of it

  • You will be taking total ownership of the products and technologies you will be developing.

  • Self directed work: You will be responsible for defining the problem and then solving it in a way that would be exceptional.

  • You will be expected to build an exceptional engineering culture and thrive in it.

  • Your pay will be equity heavy;

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • As one of the founding members of our engineering team, building exceptional engineering culture, that can envision and engineer next generation technologies and applications;

  • Designing, developing and innovating globally distributed products and solutions involving container technologies,virtualisation, and much more;

  • Architecting products that are robust, enterprise grade, scalable and can stand the test of time;

  • Engineering high-impact, multi-tenancy technologies, low-latency software defined networks and storage for high performance clouds;

  • Having a strong bias for action, contributing to the founding principles and cultural nuances, in line with the company’s mission and vision;


Attributes & Skills:

For this role, we are looking for the following attributes -

  • Divergent Thought Process: You have a positive outlook, can think out of the box, can easily look for possibilities where no one can and have the knack to spot unique out of the ubiquitous.

  • Passion: You are relentlessly looking to build a world class product, and you will power through setbacks to accomplish it.

  • Communication: Your style of communication is direct, succinct, expressive and eloquent, where you look to have meaningful and impactful conversations, resulting in strong and powerful outcomes and leaving no room for ambiguity.

  • “Can Do” Attitude: You have the fervour to pursue an impossible idea to make it happen, and have little or no regard for anything that is ordinary.

  • Proactiveness: You are the antonym of “reactive”- You understand what your product’s technical needs are, quick to take action before the problem becomes a problem, and nip it in the bud.

Education & Experience: 

  • Experience building high performance, highly available, scalable products, ideally in hyper scaled engineering teams at startups, and have taken products to meaningful conclusions; 

  • Strong experience in Open Source technologies;

  • Strong expertise in at least 2 major programming languages, preferably one being Golang;

  • Experience with enterprise features such as multi-tenancy, IAM, security, subscription management.

  • Experience in technologies related to container orchestration, data center orchestration, virtualization, logging, telemetry, big data processing, inter-datacenter networks, software defined networks and software defined storage;

  • Ability to design and implement low latency services  based on JSON APIs, REST and GRPC;

  • Well-versed with the cloud ecosystem and hands on experience in developing solutions with support for persistence, transactions, resilience, clustering, performance and caching;

Our Biases 

We are building cutting edge technologies and are building a technology company, we will be looking for skills, experiences and passion that we feel will help us in what we do. Some of them are mentioned below. Disclaimer: we are open minded and will be open to hear what you have .

  • You have rich experience building impactful products, or you are a highly talented/gifted engineer with proven track record of innovation;

  • You have past experience of working with fast paced startups;

  • You have exceptional communication skills;

  • You are an independent thinker who has courage to challenge the status quo, and who practices radical candour with everyone;

  • You take ownership, are methodical and take steps to ensure resolution, while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

What’s in it for you? 

  • Disproportionate rewards for extraordinary contributions;

  • Increase in responsibilities in line with your capabilities and achievements;

  • Opportunity to create impact and be part of a building unique technologies 

  • Opportunity to innovate and experiment – be creative.

If you are looking for an opportunity to create, innovate, steeply pivot and accomplish something that has possibly never been attempted before, then this is the place for you. You will get to work with ambitious people from diverse backgrounds, in a stimulating, fast paced and challenging environment, from the word go.

We are proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and do not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, parental or pregnancy status, national origin, citizenship, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

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